Temporary Tenancy Agreement Netherlands

The termination of a fixed-term lease must also be written down in accordance with (legal) requirements. The notice period depends on the nature and duration of the lease. It is important to clearly state the reasons for the termination (end of the tenancy period). Ask the tenant to provide written confirmation within six weeks that you inform and agree. For help and advice in writing a good termination letter, you can contact 12,300 people at any time. Home of Orange uses leases and general regulations established by Hielkema Lawyers in Amsterdam. It`s a sense of security! The diplomatic clause allows a landlord to charge the tenant to leave the property at the end of the lease, because the landlord needs the property for himself. As far as the diplomatic clause is concerned, the treaty must fulfil a number of conditions. There is no standard contract that can be used for this, because each rental situation is different. 123Vonen has experience of such contracts and is therefore the party for work. Please note that an oral agreement is legally valid but is not widespread (mainly for security reasons). Since a verbal agreement is more difficult to prove, you should take a witness with you if you wish to enter into an oral agreement.

In the case of the Vacancy Act, the home valuation system does not apply to a home previously inhabited by the owner (when a house is for sale). This means that the rental price must be determined freely and the tenant cannot pass on the rental price to the tenant committee for consideration. Clearly and unambiguously record the type of lease and the (minimum) duration of the lease. This avoids ambiguities and discussions. If you are not sure that your current contracts are properly protecting your rights, seek advice from a lawyer. About 75% of the 3 million rental units in the Netherlands are owned by housing companies. These associations are responsible, among other things, for the rental of social housing defined as dwellings for which the initial monthly rent is below the rent ceiling for liberalised (private) leases (in Dutch); the current limit is 720.42 euros (2019). Each year, housing companies are required to rent 80% of their empty social housing to people with incomes of up to 36,798 euros (2018) and 10% to people with incomes between 36,798 and 41,056 euros (2018).

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