Coding Services Agreement

CONSIDERING that ACME is a billing and services company in the health sector that provides IT damages, billing and collection services to healthcare providers, which, on behalf of healthcare providers, electronically and paperly files billing services with public and commercial enterprises and also provides billing services directly to patients or, for part of the patients, at the expense of the healthcare provider who is not insured by the covered insurance; and the time of the server. If hosting is part of this agreement, note that the advisor offers web hosting on relationships with serious hosts such as raye, inmotion, LiquidWeb and Linode. The advisor selected these hosts based on their prices, records and reputation. Operating time is certainly a factor (everyone reports 99% + availability). Ultimately, the hosting company is responsible for maintaining server availability. 10. Limited Warranties. The advisor guarantees that the advisor has the right to enter into this agreement and guarantees that the services are provided in an appropriate manner; and the advisor will comply at the client`s premises with the client`s security rules or other policies and procedures communicated to the adviser. Except as expressly stated, the Advisor discies all other express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, commercial use, prior dealings, silent enjoyment and ownership. CONSIDERING that the Customer wishes to instruct ACME to provide IT with billing rights and services, with ACME submitting insurance rights to government and commercial enterprises electronically and by paper on behalf of the Customer; Setting the hourly rate. For work on time requested and/or for work in addition to a volume defined here, the hourly rate _____ $ 120 ___ for web development, web design, programming and SEO services and other higher work billed based on the time actually spent. Please note that we can find qualified assistants for other jobs such as writing/blogging, photography, illustrations, social media posts or adding items to an online store qualified assistants who take care of these tasks at a discounted price.

Please let us know at any time if your company needs any of these services. External materials and services. If the customer needs external materials and/or services to provide services (e.g. B image purchases, software purchases, CMS extension purchases, hardware, server/hosting space, domain name, hotel, flight price and/or other expenses), as mutually agreed, the customer agrees to reimburse the consultant for the costs indicated on an invoice. 12. Force Majeure. With the exception of the Client`s payment obligations to the Advisor, neither party shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement when it is due to fire, flood, earthquakes, labour dispute, terrorist act, force majeure or public enemy, death, illness or incapacity of the Advisor or under local, state, federal, national or international law. administrative orders or by-laws or other events that are not subject to the control of the advisor (together «force majeure event»). In the event of an event of force majeure, the advisor will, if possible, inform the client of his inability to provide or delay the completion of the services and will propose changes to the schedule of completion of the services. Platform compatibility. Consultant developed for desktop environments.

In many cases, consultant is able to offer services specific to other user experiences, for example.B tablets, phones or even widescreen monitors. However, it is not guaranteed that these experiments will be subject to specific treatment, unless this is underlined in the scope of this Agreement. . . .

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