Canada And Honduras Free Trade Agreement

Mahfouz says Canada is committed to supporting and promoting economic opportunities in Honduras so that trade between the two countries develops. Honduras is one of 20 countries at the heart of Canada`s development assistance program, supporting areas such as food security, education, health care and economic prosperity. It is Canada`s largest bilateral aid program in Central America and the second largest in the hemisphere. Honduras reserves the right to take or maintain measures concerning cross-border trade in services provided in the exercise of state authority. The final agreement was signed on 5 November 2013 by the trade ministers of both countries, as well as by cooperation agreements on environmental protection and workers` rights. [1] Professional service: a service whose delivery requires special post-secondary training or equivalent training or experience and for which the right to practice by a contracting party is granted or limited, but does not include a service provided by a professional or crew member of a ship or aircraft; In his view, Honduran duties on pork imports from Canada have so far been 15 per cent and the Honduran market for Canadian pork has been relatively small, particularly with duty-free imports from the United States under tariff quotas under the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement. Some Canadian pork products have sold well in Honduras, despite tariffs. The figures are up in 2014 and the consumer price index is optimistic about their improvement as soon as the agreement is in force. Small-legged industry and trade are reserved for Hondurans. The parties reaffirm their commitment to preventing and combating corruption and corruption in international trade and international investment. 5.

The original products provided for in the products below are exempt from the elimination of duties in accordance with the «E» indentation category described in Appendix 3.4.1, paragraph 2, point j). However, if Canada meets the «net exit» requirement, the following aggregate quantities are exempt from tariffs in a reporting calendar year and cannot exceed the reported amount for each year for Canada. tax treaty: a convention to avoid double taxation or other international tax treaties or treaties; Printed promotional material refers to a item formatted with Chapter 49 of the harmonized system, including a brochure, brochure, brochure, brochure, brochure, brochure, trade catalogue, directory published by professional associations, tourism promotional materials and posters, i.e. the Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement is a free trade agreement between Canada and Honduras that came into effect on October 1, 2014. [1] From 2000 to 2010, Canada was in multilateral talks with Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua (together the Four or CA4s of Central America) for a free trade agreement between Canada and Central America.

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